Surge Cooperative

Our Goals

Surge Co-operative's focus is to create sustainable, affordable work/live moorings for larger boats in London, making use of the underused blue networks and historic wharves, and buildings lasting creative links between communities on water and land.

About Us

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is an acoustics engineer with an experimental arts background and has been working and living on barges for over 13 years. He has a keen enthusiasm and involvement in waterways use and on its promotion.


is a graphic designer, mainly working in the music publishing industry. She is also a keen photographer and has been working and living on boats for over 13 years.


has a long history of working in creative events production both in the UK and internationally, curating public events and workshops with a diverse network of arts organisations and charities.


is an artist working to transform spaces and communities using various disciplines including gardening, sculpture and music. He’s very good at getting people together and inspiring them to make a change.